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What is CSSMania

CSSMania is the worldwide leader of the CSS Showcases genre. With CSSMania, you will always know where are your favourite designs. Saving them without knowing where they are has come to an end. From March 2012 we will prioritize Responsive Websites.

CSSMania was born in March 2004 as section on the personal blog of @gabilondo. (Gabriel Segura). @gabilondo and @jlantunez launched in February 2006 as an initiative of Blogs Media, a Spanish company specializing in web consulting.

CSSMania is the most visited CSS Showcase. A CSS Showcase is a website that showcases web sites developed using XHTML/html5 & CSS (Tableless).

“CSSMania is the most visited CSS showcase”

We know that updates are what make a difference to you. We aren’t interested in the geek insights or trivial discussions common on other similar sites.

We are interested in learning what any CSS afficionado or professional might want to learn.

If you’re a web developer, you’ll find inspiration and knowledge on CSSMania.

If you are a business owner and would like to strengthen your company’s presence on the internet, you’ll find the best solutions based on CSS behaviors. You can track your competitors, and above all, you can find and contact the most qualified web developers internationally, in your country, and even in your own city.


Everything you always wanted to know about CSSMania but were afraid to ask.

What is the submission criteria for sites featured on CSSMania?

  1. Only beautiful websites written in XHTML/HTML5/CSS (tableless).
  2. From March 2012, we will prioritize responsive sites. What is Responsive Web Design? A methodology for designing web sites that can adapt to a range of screen sizes and device types (Desktop, mobiles, tablets…)
  3. If you submit a site that isn’t yours, you must include the name, URL, and location of the developer.
  4. If your site is very obviously a copy of another we won’t include it.

Don’t worry if the website is not fully compliant.

How can I speed up the ‘Submit’ process?

Use this form to submit a new or redesigned website. If the site has recently been featured in another CSS gallery, don’t think you’re wasting your time submitting it here — we will pay attention to your posting. If you have an online portfolio, create an RSS feed of your latest designs so that our system may syndicate it. It’s also important to include your city where you live.

What should I do if the screenshot/information is wrong?

You may have noticed that your site or your designs are located in galleries and that the data filled in for them is not 100% correct. Let us know.

If some data is missing it is mainly because when we generate your screenshot, the information doesn’t appear in the credits or in the footer, nor in the about section (if applicable). This means also that it doesn’t appear in your stylesheet when the source of your web page is viewed under meta name=”author””. The same applies for your country. If this is the case, just drop us an email.


Thanks to Wikipedia for helping us write the definitions of our topics.

Icons: Iconshock (Sophistique).

And finally, thanks to teachers like Zeldman, Bowman, Cederholm, Clarke, Eric, Molly… for their expertise.

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